• CALL FOR EDITOR IN CHIEF - Brazilian Journal of Motor Behavior


    The Brazilian Journal of Motor Behavior (BJMB) is a peer-reviewed, free of charge, and open-access journal publishedby the Brazilian Society of Motor Behavior (SOCIBRACOM). The BJMB is the main journal in Motor Behavior of the Latin America. It accepts original contributions pertaining to the multidisciplinary study of human movement throughout the lifespan, involving a broad range of topics related to the field of Motor Behavior like motor control, development and learning, movement disorders, clinical, theoretical, and model studies. These articles could come from diverse disciplines such as kinesiology, biomechanics, neurophysiology, neuroscience, psychology, medicine, sports performance, and rehabilitation.

    To cope with the growing number of submissions, to improve the quality of the review process, and to improve the journal mission and visibility and indexation of the BJMB, we are currently inviting applications for one Editor-in-Chief. The duties of the BJMB Editor-in-Chief include the following tasks:

    - proposing and implementing the BJMB’s mission according to the SOCIBRACOM board’s guidelines

    - having a broad oversight of the review process

    - managing the team of editors (associate and section editors)

    - proposing and applying diagram and format adjustments

    - overseeing the publication's operations and policies

    - proposing and implementing actions towards the increase of visibility and indexation of the BJMB

    - announcing the final decision made for a submitted article

    Applicants should provide a short (1 page) list of publications (highlighting their research impact, citations, and metrics in the motor behavior field) over the last five years and a one-page covering letter that addresses their suitability for the role based on the following selection criteria:

    - A doctoral-level qualification (or the equivalent) in motor behavior area

    - Editorial and peer review experience

    - Experience with publications in peer-reviewed journals in motor behavior area

    - Current involvement in research and research supervision in motor behavior area

    - Participation/membership in the SOCIBRACOM for at least 4 years

    - A brief description of strategic initiatives that could implement them as Editor-in-Chief to improve BJMB

    The position starts on October 10th, 2022, with an initial term of four years. Though, the SOCIBRACOM can substitute the Editor-in-chief at any time, depending on the Editor-in-Chief’s performance.

    The applicants should submit the documents to Dr. Ana M. F. Barela, current president of SOCIBRACOM, by the following e-mail: [email protected] . The application deadline is October 03rd, 2022.

    Inquiries about the position should be sent to the Dr. Ana M. F. Barela.

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    Dr Paulo Cezar Rocha dos Santos and Dr Diego Orcioli Silva are handling a special issue on "EFFECTS OF AGING ON LOCOMOTOR PATTERNS". This special issue aims to organize scientific evidence on how healthy aging and age-related diseases affect locomotion in different contexts. Locomotion here is supposed to cover mobility performance, walking capacity, and different measures of gait (e.g., gait stability, variability, kinematics, muscle activation, synergies, cortical activation). We also encourage studies verifying task paradigms, multidimensional correlational gait studies, interventions focusing on gait rehabilitation and falls, and discussions of different levels of gait analysis in aging and age-related diseases.

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